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Job Id VgIS8M
Work Type Office
Job Types Job (Fulltime)
Posted On Sep 12, 2023
Designation Senior Project Lead
Deadline Oct 11, 2023

We are seeking a talented and experienced UI/UX Designer to join our team. The successful candidate will be responsible for designing and creating user-centered designs for our digital products, making sure they are easy to use, visually appealing, and highly effective. The UI/UX Designer will collaborate closely with other designers, developers, and stakeholders to produce designs that not only meet business requirements but also exceed user expectations.

    • Responsible for defining the project's scope, goals, and deliverables, developing a comprehensive project plan with timelines and resource allocation, and meticulously maintaining project documentation to ensure efficient tracking of requirements, schedules, and budgets.
    • Leads cross-functional project teams, providing guidance, coaching, and mentorship while fostering open communication to support team members and ensure a productive working environment.
    • Responsible for overseeing project execution, monitoring progress, proactively identifying and mitigating risks, and adapting as necessary to meet or exceed client expectations.
    • Maintains positive client relationships through regular updates on project status, progress, and issues.
    • Ensuring high-quality project deliverables by conducting thorough testing and adhering to industry-recognized best practices and standards.
    • Efficiently managing project budgets and resources, optimizing resource allocation, and closely tracking project expenses to ensure compliance with budget constraints. Identifies opportunities to continuously improve quality, cost, and time factors, consistent with business objectives.
    • Generating regular project status reports and maintaining a comprehensive repository of project-related documentation for reference and auditing.
    • Staying updated with industry trends and emerging technologies to enhance project processes and outcomes.
    • Bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field. A master's degree is a plus.
    • A minimum of 4 years of experience as a software engineer, including 2 years in a proven Project Lead or similar role with successful IT project management from initiation to completion, is preferred.
    • Proficiency in project management tools and software for planning, tracking, and reporting, such as Jira,  Redmine, Microsoft Project, or similar tools.
    • Proven ability to lead and mentor associate developers, providing guidance and support for their professional growth.
    • Excellent leadership and team management skills, with the ability to motivate and guide cross-functional teams to achieve project objectives.
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively interact with clients, stakeholders, and team members at all levels.
    • Solid analytical and problem-solving abilities, with a strategic mindset and the ability to make decisions in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.
    • Strong organizational and time management skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and prioritize tasks effectively.
    • Adaptability and resilience to manage changing project requirements, priorities, and deadlines.
JOB Benefits
    • Accidental and Medical Insurance
    • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided by the office
    • 5 working days (Monday to Friday)
    • Learning and friendly environment
    • Job training
    • Recreational Activities 

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